Sabtu, 02 April 2011

artis cantik indonesia

1. aura kasih

Gambar artis Seksi Aura Kasih starting career with trying to become part of the Miss Indonesia, artis seksi, foto artis indonesia gadis perawan terseksi indonesia in years 2007 and was sucsess fully as a finalist to represent the Province of Lampung. Success as Miss indonesia in 2007 Aura Kasih trying by careering to a singer, in a first albums Malaikat penggoda released on a successful in year 2008 with the song Mari bercinta and this is again booming. The song is known as the single dance on the hall.

At this time, on year 2009 Aura kasih trying by akting career. On this movies entitled Asmara Dua Diana. This movies was released in last month on December 2008. In the film, besides the roles collide, Aura also sing on the soundtrack at this film. The Movies soundtrack was launched in December 2008 all the more that I entitled Puncak Asmara. Well do u ever shaw the First movies of Aura kasih ? Hope this cool.
spontaneous people just hear the foto Boom Seks artis indo Aura kasih jump out of the house and search kind for info to see the truth of direct exposure Aura Kasih bugil on the news scene koleksi foto seksi foto aura kasih that truth is only the issue who some people make a sense of hot situation for gambar artis indonesia. Disappointed because of what the search is not in the can, the fans will also find what just to get a any stuff such as download Aura kasih or download wallpaper artis aura kasih. Thik this think of fake celebrities photo is can do damage the good name of the victim

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